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Press and Media

If you are researching an article, seeking an interview, or requesting a media appearance, we'd love to hear from you. You can send us an e-mail at .

Speaking Engagements

Invite Luda Kopeikina to share her keynote message at your company gathering, business conference, or tradeshow event. Ms. Kopeikina customizes each keynote address to fit the audience and their needs. Before each keynote, Ms. Kopeikina works with the client to learn about the company's and event's goals. Speaking topics.

We would love to learn more about you, your company or association, and your event. Please send us an email at .

Group and Executive Training

Ms. Kopeikina is available for a limited number of half and full day seminars and individual training sessions. If your team or you personally are facing a tough decision and would like to work through it with Luda by utilizing the Clarity State Decision-Making process, please send us a note at and we'll be happy to get in touch with you.

Write to Luda

Dear Visitor:

Have you learned your own Clarity State? Have you started using it in real live situations? Did your effectiveness and performance improve? If so, I'd love to hear your story!

Also, if you have read my book or seen me at a speaking appearance, I warmly invite you to share your thoughts with me. Please send me a note at .

Thanks, Luda Kopeikina

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