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Articles and Presentations:
Title Publication/
The Elements of a Clear Decision MIT Sloan Management Review Drawing on lessons from neuroscience and sports psychology, Luda describes how Clarity State is reached and why it leads to managerial effectiveness
How to Make Better Decision Management Craft Luda's Interview by Lisa Haneberg
Making the Right Decision The Cranky Middle Manager Show Interview by Wayne Turmel, the host of the Cranky Middle Manager Show
Make Your Choices Clear Investors Business Daily Book Review
The Right Decision Every Time Library Journal Book Review
How to Become a More Powerful Leader Business Journal Online The article describes ways to attain Clarity State
Become a More Powerful Leader: Five Steps to Achieving Clarity in the Face of Difficult Decisions Sun Times (and in over 30 other publications) Successful leaders possess a clarity that allows them to make powerful decisions with ease. Recent research shows that you can learn to reach clarity with similar ease.
Decision Making is Art or Science? Fortune Luda presents her point of view about clear decision making.
How to Make Good Decisions Financial Times Review of The Right Decision Every Time
Steps to Becoming a More Powerful Leader Inside Business Luda summarizes her research at MIT and shares five steps of how to reach a clear, focused state of mind necessary for clear decisions.
What's in a Name? Plenty - When It's for Your Business Women's Wall Street Naming a business is an important decision, especially for small business owners. Luda offers advice on how to do this with clarity.
Keeping It Fresh Entrepreneur Luda shares her views on how to improve your product pipeline with imaginative and innovative ideas.
Innovation Strategies Innovation Tools Five Strategies to Make Open Innovation Work for Your Company
Analyzing the Feasibility of Your Business Idea Spectrum Series Florida International University How to turn a business idea into a profitable business. What questions need to be asked? How do you asses the business value?
Outsourcing Innovation - Leveraging External Resources to Drive Internal Growth Management Roundtable How to create an "open innovation" model in your company.
MIT Alumni Conference Technology Review Luda presents her views on improving the MIT Enterprise Forum organization worldwide.
Technology forum to help startups polish business plans Miami Today Overview of an upcoming event presented by MIT Enterprise Forum of South Florida where Luda is a Chairman.
Venture Investors Keep an Eye on Scripps Palm Beach Post Luda shares her views on the impact of the relocation of the Scripps Institute to South Florida
Strategy From The Executive Suite to the Boardroom Women Executive Leadership Luda shares the Clarity State Decision-Making process with a group of Executive Women

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