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Gain unprecedented clarity in all your decision-making, so you can make consistently better decisions-and make them more rapidly. Drawing on her breakthrough research at MIT with 115 CEOs, Luda Kopeikina offers practical, proven techniques for structuring decisions, achieving clarity about the real issues, and using that clarity to improve every decision you make.

Using Kopeikina's approach, a stunning 93 percent of CEOs made clear strategic decisions within 90 minutes or less-even when these decisions had been sitting unresolved for weeks or months. You can be every bit as effective.

  • Lightning strikes: reaching clarity fast, when it matters most Focus all your physical, mental and emotional resources on your decision
  • Conquering the obstacles to timely decision-making
    Overcome the 5 reasons executives fail to decide
  • Clarity of objective: Defining your decision
    Know exactly what you're trying to accomplish
  • Emotions and reason: you need them both
    Don't just acknowledge your emotions: use them to your advantage
  • Clarity of perspective: finding the right decision "frame"
    Identify the right context for your decision
  • Decision de-layering: peeling away complexity
    Simplify complex decisions by working through each individual element
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