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A Revolutionary Approach to Making Decisions

"Luda walked us through her "Clarity State Decision Making Process" using a real business issue that had polarized my management team. Her process took the emotion out of our examination and made us aware of each other's concerns. We were finally able to evaluate alternatives and approach a solution as a unified group. I would heartily recommend this process."

Jeff Ikler
Executive Vice President and General Manager,
Pearson Prentice Hall Publishing, Boston, MA

A Half-Day Seminar

The half-day action seminar is a perfect way to review or make an important decision that requires input from the whole team. Participants learn the Clarity State decision making process and new skills for making clear decisions while applying them to specific issues of a particular business case. In addition to presentations by Ms. Kopeikina, the session includes breakout exercises for small groups, large group discussions, role-playing debates to uncover deep-seated concerns and consensus generating exercises.

Result: In this three to four hour session participants are able to clearly define decisions, address emotional issues, uncover underlying assumptions and shift perspectives, assess risks and uncertainties related to the decision and develop what-if scenarios in order to anticipate and mitigate implementation risks. The process and specific techniques learned during the seminar can increase the individual and group decision making effectiveness several fold.


A Full-day Seminar

Leaders can use this seminar to develop business strategies and increase the effectiveness of the whole team in making strategic decisions at the same time. Decision data on potential strategies under consideration is collected prior to the meeting. Leveraging the Clarity State participants work in teams to uncover barriers, generate what-if scenarios and prepare strategies to anticipate and mitigate potential future issues. Contention is created on purpose so that teams can argue conflicting positions in order to uncover salient parameters related to the decision that might have been missed. Any strategic issue can be considered such as entry into a particular market, product line positioning and expansion, globalization strategies and others.

Result: In this seminar participants debate and select effective strategies to address business issues, such as accelerated growth, as well as learn the revolutionary new way for making effective decisions.


Individual Decision-Making Sessions

A session is focused on a particular decision that you are working on, business or personal. The Clarity State Decision Making process is used to work through the decision.

Result: The individual learns the process first hand. He/she also benefits from Ms.Kopeikina's expertise in framing many critical, strategic decisions

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